This document sets out the conditions and limitations set by Beta Marine USA for the enhanced warranty period applied to Kubota based propulsion engines and supersedes our standard warranty period which can be found in clause 17(a) within our General Terms of Tender and Sales. All other warranty criteria within our General Terms of Tender and Sales prevails.


Engine use falls into two categories:

  • For owners who use the engine solely for pleasure applications/private use this enhanced warranty applies.
  • For owners who use the engine for commercial gain, this includes but is not limited to fishing boats, work boats, charter boats and hire boats the warranty found within our General Terms of Tender and Sales prevails.

Warranty Period

  • Pleasure applications/private use: 5 years from date of the invoice from Beta Marine Ltd or 2000 operating hours, whichever comes first (except Saildrive). Saildrive warranty is limited to Pleasure use only; and a maximum of two years from commissioning or 200 operating hours whichever comes first.
  • Commercial applications: 1 year from date of the invoice from Beta Marine Ltd or 1000 operating hours whichever comes first.

Warranty Criteria

Over and above the warranty found within our General Terms of Tender and Sales the following criteria will apply

  • The warranty is invalid if genuine Beta Marine or Kubota approved parts are not used.
  • The Warranty does not cover consumable parts which would be replaced during the normal routine servicing of the engine, please refer to the relevant operator’s manual.
  • Beta Marine USA reserve the right to either repair or replace the parts concerned. Replaced parts become the property of Beta Marine. Any warranty work must be approved by Beta Marine USA UK and work done by an authorised Dealer, Distributor, Boat Builder or Installation engineer. If one is not known locally to you, please contact us and we make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.
  • Beta Marine USA will cover an authorised Dealer, Distributor, Boat Builder or Installation engineer travelling costs up to a maximum of 2½ hours labour & 200 miles in fuel allowance plus a maximum allowance of 4 hours labour for any required removal and reinstallation of an engine that maybe incurred in the event of a warranty claim.
  • The customer must pay any labour and parts cost direct to the authorised Dealer, Distributor, Boat Builder or Installation engineer for any parts not covered under warranty as defined within the following engine component breakdown & warranty period table.
  • Third party claims are not acceptable as defined in our General Terms of Tender and Sales.
  • Costs for cranage and/or slipping fees are not included within this enhanced warranty cover.
  • This warranty is valid for the initial owner only as defined in our General Terms of Tender and Sales clause 17(v). Dependant on circumstances and at the discretion of Beta Marine USA, it may be transferred to a second owner.
Engine Component Breakdown & Warranty PeriodYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Main Engine
Components - Static
Main Engine
Components - Moving
Fuel Injection &
Supply System
Saildrive LegWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty
Drive MemberWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty
Flexible MountsWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty
Engine Starter MotorWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty
Alternator - Starter
Battery Charging
Alternator - Domestic
Battery Charging
Travel PowerWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty
Cooling SystemWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty
Engine Panel*WarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty
Engine Harness
& Stop Solenoid
Oil Pressure
Switch Sender
Water Temperature
Switch Sender
Sump PumpWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarrantyWarranty

Sacrificial Anodes, Air, Oil & Fuel Filters and Seawater Pump Impellers are consumable parts which should be replaced in accordance with the relevant engine operators manual

*All engine control panels must be seated on a continuous bead of mastic between the rear of the face panel and the mounting surface.

Owners Responsibility

  • Owners must satisfy themselves that the engine is installed and properly commissioned so that the engine cannot be damaged, run incorrectly or be caused to fail, which may possibly lead to injury or a life threatening situation. The “Installation and Commissioning Check List” must be completed and the entire “Warranty Registration Form” returned to Beta Marine USA or an authorised Dealer, Distributor, Boat Builder or Installation engineer for the warranty to be validated. The “Installation and Commissioning Check List” criteria performed, recorded and submitted to Beta Marine USA by the owner, if engine self- installation is chosen.
  • Owners must maintain the engine in a proper manner as described in the relevant operator’s manual. Faulty parts must be immediately replaced or repaired so that continued use of the engine cannot cause these parts or lead to other parts suffering premature failure and risking possible injury or lead to a life threatening situation.
  • Owners may choose an authorised Dealer, Distributor, Boat Builder or Installation engineer to carry out routine servicing in accordance with the relevant engine operators manual or opt for self-service. In which case, service history should be recorded within the Service Record pages found at the end of the relevant engine operator’s manual. All receipts for service items purchased should be retained for the duration of the warranty. All service costs are the sole responsibility of the owner.
  • Engines that are being stored for more than 6 months must be either run regularly or have special protection oils specified and added at the time of purchase. Failures relating to incorrect storage or maintenance are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty Exemptions

The following table highlights damage or failure caused to the engine by causes that are not covered by this enhanced warranty.

Engine Faults Caused By The Following Are Exempt From Warranty Cover
Incorrect Installation or CommissioningWarranty
Improper or MisuseWarranty
Fair Wear and TearWarranty
Rust and CorrosionWarranty
Accidents and/or Collision DamageWarranty
Contamination by Sea Water within the Engine or Water within in the Fuel SupplyWarranty
Oil or Fuel Contamination of Engine Rubber Mount(s)Warranty
Unauthorised Mechanical AlterationsWarranty
Changes To The Electrical System Including:
The Installation of Customised Instrument PanelsWarranty
Modifications To Alternators To Accommodate The Use Of Battery Charge RegulatorsWarranty
Alternator Damage Caused By High Temperature**Warranty

**This can occur when a high output alternator (<120 Amps) is connected to a battery management system. In these cases an extraction fan must be fitted to cool the alternator.