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Nordhavn Trawler…Powered by Beta Marine Diesel Engines

Nordhavn recently unveiled it’s newest passagemaker, the Nordhavn 41. Upon retiring the previous 40ft version, Nordhavn’s new design includes a host of enhancements including a new hull design, multiple layouts…

Installing a Beta Marine Engine in an Allied Seabreeze

Follow the link below for a good read on a beta marine diesel engine repower of an Allied Seabreeze, originally found in Sail magazine. The owners chose the Beta 16hp…
Beta Marine USA - Pearson 424 Repower - Engine Replacement

Sailboat repowering and the selection of a new engine

Sailboat Repowering and the selection of a New Engine This story is a two part feature of Pete Dubler’s repower of his Pearson 424 that was originally printed in Blue…
Beta Marine USA - Catalina 34C Repower - Engine Replacement

Repowering a Tartan 34C

Repowering a Tartan 34C This article follows the installation of a Beta Marine diesel engine in a Tartan 34C. Download a PDF copy of the article here: Tartan 34C Indian…
Beta Marine USA - marine diesel propulsion engines - Beta 16 heat exchanger engine

Is Beta Marine a good option for a repower?

Is Beta Marine a good option for a Repower? We have our own opinion, but best for you to read for yourself what those who have repowered with Beta Marine…
Beta Marine USA - Repower Article - Engine Replacement

Cruiser Friendly Replacement Engines

Cruiser Friendly Replacement Engines by Latitudes & Attitudes Latitudes & Attitudes recently wrote the following article in their magazine about Beta Marine diesel engines. They discuss the simplicity of the…