Morgan 41 Out Island (OI) Engine Repower / Replacement

Boat Type: Monohull Sailboats

Repower Specifications

LOA: 41.25’

LWL: 34’

Displacement: 24,000 lbs

Builder: Morgan Yachts / Catalina Yachts (USA)


This Charles Morgan design was another of the big, center cockpit boats that were aimed for the Caribbean charter trade. The OI 41 was Morgan’s most popular and successful design. This vessel was one of the first inductees into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame.

Related Models

After Morgan Yachts was acquired by Catalina, this model was renamed the Out Island 41 Classic. Eventually the 41 was replaced by the Out Island 415 and Out Island 416. Basically the same hull with different interiors.


A variety of engines were used. The Perkins 4.108 was very common. Perkins 4.154 was used in later production. Some Perkins engines marinized by Westerbeke were also used. Later models will find Yanmar engines installed.

Repower Recommendations

The Beta 50 has been an ideal engine replacement for the Morgan 41. The OI 41 is often limited in propeller diameter to 19”. This also limits the power that can be transmitted to the water in an efficient manner to about 50 hp. With a maximum 2800 operating RPM, the slow turning and smooth running Beta 50 provides the right combination of high torque and low operating speed that works perfectly with a 19” diameter propeller.

As a naturally aspirated and all mechanical fuel injection engine, this powerful diesel is a trouble free addition to your cruising experience. With no turbocharger heat and noise and no ‘black box’ computer engine controls, the Beta 50 is a completely mechanical engine that is EPA rated for all applications.

If your current engine was fit with a Velvet Drive transmission, re-using the original Velvet Drive transmission is economical in many ways. It is very inexpensive to recondition this transmission to like new condition and installation is simplified by using the original mounts that are fit to the side of the transmission case. The Twin Disc TMC 60 Mechanical gear has also been used in this application.

Beta Marine offers 22” wide mounts that sometimes work well for replacement of the 4.108 and 4.154 Perkins. Alternatively, the Beta Marine custom mounts may be the option that will make installation as easy as possible and with no modifications to the existing engine beds.

Installation Considerations
Things to Know

The Beta Marine stainless steel high rise exhaust elbow is used and easily modified if required. These elbows never rust or require cleaning.

  • Unlike turbo charged engines that require 3” or larger exhaust diameter. The Beta 50 uses 2” exhaust. This means you will not be required to redesign and rebuild the entire exhaust system.
  • Please call and ask about our Velvet Drive adapter kit engines. We can also arrange a reconditioning of the current Velvet Drive transmission or supply a new unit.
Other Resources

The Morgan 41 is one of the most common boats we repower with Beta Marine diesel engines. We have extensive engine replacement experience with this model and many happy customers as well. We have pictures, drawings and measurements for reference as well. Contact us to discuss your boat in more detail, or add to our forum discussion on this specific boat model through the link below.

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