Cabo Rico 38 Engine Repower / Replacement

Boat Type: Monohull Sailboats

Repower Specifications

LOA: 38’

LWL: 29.25’

Displacement: 21,500 lbs

Builder: Cabo Rico


With design roots going back to the Crealock Tiburon 36. Construction of the Cabo Rico 38 began in 1977. Since then, the Cabo Rico 38 has become a very well regarded design. A solid construction and sailing ability have proven the Cabo Rico 38 to be exactly what it was designed to be, a world cruiser. Construction continued until 2008 and almost 200 have been commissioned. This make the Cabo Rico 38 a sought after vessel on the used market.

Related Models
  • Cabo Rico 38 PH. A pilot house version of the Cabo Rico 38.
  • Crealock designed Tiburon 36. A center cockpit ketch.

Different engines were used. Many installs used a Perkins 4-108 with either a Velvet Drive transmission or possibly a mechanical Hurth gear. Also common was the Westerbeke W-46 with a mechanical gear. Many original installations used an 18” diameter, 2 blade propeller. Changing to a 3 blade propeller can give much better engine performance and efficiency.

Repower Recommendations

The Beta 43 is the recommended diesel repower for this vessel. The Beta 50 is also a fine engine replacement choice. Either will produce all the power required for excellent motoring and low speed handling, while also providing excellent efficiency.

Cabo Rico offered customization of interiors. This means that engine location and cabinetry can vary. Beta engines can be offered with different exhaust designs and water pump locations to give the best access for normal maintenance procedures.

Installation Considerations
Things to Know

If you are replacing a Westerbeke 46, the Beta Marine custom engine mounts are a great choice. The mounts will be built to your specifications and will make the engine installation as straight forward as possible. Major modifications to the engine beds will not be required.

If you are replacing a Perkins 4.108 with a Velvet Drive gear, the Beta Velvet Drive Adaptor Kit will allow you to retain the original transmission and final drive arrangement. This can greatly reduce installation costs and eliminate modifications to the engine beds and shafting.

Other Resources

The Cabo Rico is a common boat we see owners repower with Beta Marine diesel engines. We have extensive engine replacement experience with this model and have a history of happy customers. We have pictures, drawings and measurements for reference as well. Contact us to discuss your boat in more detail, or add to our forum discussion on this specific boat model through the link below.

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Beta Marine USA - Cabo Rico 38 Repower - Engine Replacement
Beta Marine USA - Cabo Rico 38 Repower - Engine Replacement
Customer Testimonials

“Now that our Beta (43) is fully broken in (at 300 hours) we remain fully satisfied with its performance. The engine is clean, produces all the power we need and exhibits very reasonable fuel consumption.

Our boat, Cabo Rico 38, now plies the waterways under power at a good 1 full knot faster than with our old production diesel at the same fuel consumption – and we have power to spare. We did not expect this as we took your recommendation and installed a Beta (43) rated at a lower power output than our old diesel. Your advice on the matter proved right on the money – saved us a bundle at the same time.

Now that we are in the club, we meet a surprising number of sailors who have chosen Beta as a replacement power plant. Without exception these people have been very happy with their choice.”