Albin 27 Engine Repower / Replacement

Boat Type: Trawler

Repower Specifications

LOA: 27’


Displacement: 6,500 lbs

Builder: Albin


The Albin 27 is a descendant of the Swedish-built Albin 25 Cruiser and was manufactured in the New England area of the United States from approximately 1983 to 1992. There were reportedly 500-600 of these boats manufactured. The Albin 27 came in two configurations: Family Cruiser and Sport (no aft cabin).

The Albin 27 is unique in that it represents an unusual compromise between “trailerability”, “cruising livability”, and performance. The Albin 27 presents itself as a true pocket trawler. The Albin 27 FC may be one of the only trailerable production rear cabin cruisers still available in the sub 30ft range. The rear cabin alone represents an unusual configuration ideally suited for cruising with adults and children since a couple can sleep in either the forward or aft cabin, and send the kids to stay in the opposite end of the boat. In addition, when powered with a diesel inboard, the boat is extremely fuel efficient for displacement cruising at hull speed. Albin 27’s are a desired and much sought after pocket trawler, with a strong owner support network and diehard following.

Related Models

The Albin 25 is a very similar model to the 27.


Over the years various engine options and horsepower ranges have been available, a source of good debate is around the “best” horsepower for this vessel. This we would suggest is best answered through discussions around the intended use and expectations of performance.

Repower Recommendations

Beta Marine offers a range of propulsion options. Many have found the Beta 38 is the ideal engine for the Albin 27.

Other Resources

Passionate about the Albin 27, take a look at Motor City Boat Werks’ article on their refit of an Albin 27. Lots of details and cool references to historical Albin information.

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