Nordhavn recently unveiled it’s newest passagemaker, the Nordhavn 41. Upon retiring the previous 40ft version, Nordhavn’s new design includes a host of enhancements including a new hull design, multiple layouts and a power package of efficient running Beta Marine diesel engines. These clean running all mechanical turbo engines can get you a range of 8,200 miles on a single tank, while relieving the owners of the anxiety of electronic troubleshooting.

See the full article below, found in this summer’s issue of Passagemaker.

Nordhavn 41 Passagemaker


Read further below about this new vessel on Soundings Online in an article with the owners of hull #2.

Soundings Online Article – Nordhavn N41

A quote from the article

“Remarkably, the two 74-hp Beta Marine diesels provide performance and efficiency that rival the single 107-hp John Deere engine that was in the late-model Nordhavn 40s. At 6.2 knots, the N41’s engines burn only 1.66 gph of diesel, which, with the 900-gallon fuel tank, means a range of 3,383 nautical miles. By comparison, the 40 burned 1.8 gph at 6.03 knots, for a 3,079-nautical-mile range. Pull back only to 5.09 knots with the N41 and the range expands to 6,582 nautical miles. The N41’s top speed is around 9 knots.”