RELiON Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries

We are proud to be a distributor of RELiON lithium batteries. RELiON is an industry leader in the lithium battery market and produces one of the largest varieties of lithium battery products. RELiON boasts superior battery cell and battery management systems (BMS) construction and are UN38.3 certified, making RELiON batteries one of the safest and most reliable products on the market. We carry the full line of RELiON products, so if you don’t see something you are looking for below contact us and we’ll find it.

Why Choose Lithium Batteries

  • Longer Lifecycle: Lithium batteries are maintenance free and last up to 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries. They can provide up to 80% of capacity after 2,000 cycles
  • Lightweight: Lithium batteries are about half the weight of lead-acid batteries, and produce more power
  • Quick Charge: Charge time is significantly faster, allowing a full charge in as fast as 1 hour. 2-5 range is recommended
  • Higher Capacity: Lithium batteries have 25%-50% higher capacity than lead-acid and provide full power throughout its discharge
  • Partial State of Charge (PSOC): These batteries are not negatively impacted by being maintained in a partial state of charge
  • Temperature Tolerant: These batteries can perform at high and low temperatures and don’t put off heat, so store them where you want
  • LiFePO4: Lithium iron phosphate chemistry is the safest battery on the market

Why Choose RELiON

  • Product Variety: A diverse set of products to meet your specific power needs
  • Documentation & Technical Support
  • Market & Application Knowledge
  • Construction
  • Certifications

Support Literature

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