General Aftercare

For Kubota Based Propulsion Engines, Beta Marine Recommend:

Engine Oil

Engine oil quality should have the minimum properties of the American Petroleum Institute “API” classification CF with multi-grade SAE ratings as listed in the following table.

NB: An acceptable alternative is a mineral based, semi-synthetic lubricating oil with a content mix no greater than 30% being synthetic based. Do not mix two different types of oil or SAE rating.

Do not use lubricant additives and/or fully synthetic lubricating oil.

Ambient Temperature Multi-Grade Oil

Ambient TemperatureMulti-Grade Oil
-30°C to 0°CSAE 10W/30
-15°C to +15°CSAE 15W/40
0°C to +30°CSAE 15W/40
25°C and aboveSAE 15W/40

Engine Coolant Antifreeze

Always use a Mono Ethylene Glycol Based Extended Life Anti-freeze mixed 30 < 50% with water.

NB: Do not exceed an Anti-freeze mix greater than 50%, as the engine cooling efficiency will be detrimentally affected.

For engine coolant capacity please refer to the relevant engine operator’s handbook. PDF’s can be found within the relevant engine page within this website.

Transmission Lubricants

Depending on the transmission brand/type they will either require Automatic Transmission Fluid or Engine Oil. For type, specification and capacity, please refer to the relevant transmission operator’s handbook. PDF’s can be found within the relevant engine page within this website.

Maintenance Schedule

Daily or
every 8hrs
After first
After first
or 250hrs
if sooner
Check engine oil level
Change engine oil
Change oil filter
Check transmission oil level
Change transmission oilThereafter refer to the supplied transmission operators manual
Check engine coolant / antifreeze level
Check engine coolant / antifreeze condition**
Check battery fluid
Check belt tension/s
and alternator bolts
Check raw water inlet
strainer is clear
Check stern gland
lubrication - if applicable
Drain off any water in
fuel / water separator
Change diesel fuel filter
Check all external nuts, bolts and fastenings. Check condition of coolant, fuel, oil pipes and clamps. Check ball joint nyloc nuts on transmission and speed control levers
Lubricate keyswitch on control panel with petroleum jelly / WD40 or equivalent - if applicable
Check sacrificial zinc anode, replace if necessary - increase inspection frequency if heavy erosion is experienced
Remove heat exchanger tube stack, clean and replace rubber o-rings
Check sea water pump impeller and change if worn
Check air cleaner element
and change if required - increase inspection frequency if heavy soiling is experienced
Change air cleaner element
Check valve clearance
Check injection nozzle pressure

*Shallow sump equipped engines only.
**Replace engine coolant/antifreeze every other year or 500hrs if sooner.